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Lydia Dale

A World REcord Career

Lydia Dale '14

Lydia C. Dale’s Graphic and Multimedia Design (GMMD) classmates said she was always a little bit strange.

Now the 2014 graduate has started her dream job with a company that thrives on oddity. She is working as an intellectual property creative coordinator for Guinness World Records Attractions, which is owned by Ripley’s Entertainment (also known as Ripley’s Believe It or Not) in Orlando, Fla.

Among her broad spectrum of responsibilities, she works on updating the Guinness World Records museums. “I do a lot of work picking out exciting and crazy records for our museums and then finding images and other multimedia for display,” she said. “This job has provided a lot of opportunities for me to meet and work with some pretty amazingly talented people.”

Dale noted that she met American strongman Chad Netherland, who broke the record for holding back two airplanes from taking flight and the record for the fastest time to escape from a pair of handcuffs, among other feats.

“On days when I'm in the office, I do a lot of image editing, designing concept illustrations, proofreading presentations, some basic video editing, prototyping and brainstorming,” she said. “And of course, there was the fun day when someone brought in a four-legged duck!”

Lydia Dale

Dale said the GMMD program’s emphasis on communications helped her land the position. She said that classes in photography, illustration and typography, and product design all helped her when she started with Guinness World Records.

“I think that SUNY Canton's GMMD program does an excellent job teaching students to value and recognize the importance of presentation,” she said. “Through this job, I've realized just how important presentation is in the business world. It's the difference between someone being willing to invest in your product or not.”

Dale was at the top of her class in the GMMD program. She received the 2014 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence and produced the short movie “Learning How to Die” as her senior project. She was the vice president of the College’s student branch of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and was a graphic design intern in the College’s Public Relations Department. She is also a published photographer, writer and illustrator.