Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems Minor offers students the opportunity to broaden their disciplinary program with material and skills widely useful in the business world. Information technology has been the driving force behind the new economy. It has enabled companies to make tremendous strides in productivity, opened new markets and channels, and created new products and services. While one part of the information revolution has been advances in hardware and software, another major advance has been in how information is organized and used to make effective decisions. This program helps students to broaden their exposure to information technology and its use in business and industry.

* 9 credits of minor coursework must be at the upper-division level


MINS 300 Management Information Systems 3
MINS 305 Customer Relationship Management 3
MINS 315 Decision Support Systems 3
MINS 425 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
MINS 430 Data and Knowledge Management 3


BSAD 345 Technological Innovations and Entrepreneurship 3
BSAD 372 E-Commerce 3
BSAD 373 International Business Management 3
BSAD 375 Leadership and Change 3
CITA 330 Emerging Information Technology Applications 3
CITA 400 Quantitative Approaches to Managment 3
CITA 460 Information Technology and Networked Economy 3

Eric Cheng
Management Information Systems Minor Coordinator
Nevaldine North 101C
34 Cornell Dr
Canton, NY 13617