Do You Need a Permit?

The SUNY Canton Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department is responsible for issuing various permits to ensure the health and safety of the campus community and visiting general public. The permits issued include: Event Operating Permits, Temporary Structure Permits and Hot Work Permits.

Event Operating Permits

At SUNY Canton there will be events proposed in which the EH&S Dept. should be notified for review and approval. The Canton EH&S Dept. has implemented the use of Event Operating Permits to comply with the NYS Fire Code governing the various events proposed on campus.

When do you need an Event Operating Permit?

Event Operating Permits are required anytime a building or space is used and a process is proposed to be used within a building that does not fall under the normal designed use of that particular building or space.

Example: Using the CARC Field House for an educational conference requiring the setting up of tables and chairs and possibly serving food in the Field House for the conference. The designed use of the Field House is for athletic events so this proposed use would require an Event Operating Permit.

Please note that even if an Event Operating permit is not required the person’s in charge will still need to ensure the maximum occupancy of the space is not exceeded and all exiting is maintained available and unobstructed for the event.

Temporary Structure Permits

Temporary Structure Permits are required for outdoor events that will utilize tents, canopies or any inflatable attractions. Carnival rides and any processes that would or could be deemed a fire / safety hazard also require a Temporary Structure Permit. Some of the requirements of permit issuance include but are not limited to, proximity to other buildings or temporary structures, flame resistant treatment and mechanical inspection certifications and the anchoring and use of the temporary structure.

Hot Work Permits

Hot Work Permits are required mainly for building maintenance or construction activities. They are also required in certain academic spaces which utilize these processes for educational purposes.

Hot Work processes include: welding, cutting, soldering, grinding, thawing pipe, or any other process that produces sparks, hot slag, radiant heat, or convective heat.

Hot Work permits are issued only to trained and qualified individuals to provide assurance that any fire or safety hazard present is minimized.

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** For Event and Temporary Structure permits please submit an application at least two weeks prior to event to allow for adequate review.

If you are unsure if you need a permit, the best way to decide is always to ask the SUNY Canton EH&S Dept.

Please contact the EH&S office at:

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Phone: 315-386-7631

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