30.2.0 Animals On Campus

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30.2.1 In Buildings

Pets are permitted only in The Pet Wing(s) as stated in the Residence Hall License and those areas approved for educational purposes (e.g., Veterinary Science Technology).

Assistance animals (also known as emotional support animals) are only permitted in the residence halls and must be pre-approved. Students interested in applying for permission to have an assistance animal should review the Service & Assistance Animal Policy and Application for Assistance Animal

The use of a service dog by an individual with a disability is an exception to this rule. ADA defines a service animal as any dog that is individually trained to do the work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability.

Personal pets and assistance animals are not allowed in non-residential campus buildings and administrative offices.

30.2.2 On Grounds

 All pets that are on the campus grounds must be under the direct control of their owner. (Dogs must be leashed and restrained). The Dog Control Law of the Village of Canton is in full effect on this campus.

Village Code requires that pet owners pick up and properly discard animal waste.

Pets are not allowed on any of the athletic fields.

30.2.3 Residence Hall Pets

Due to health reasons and a group living situation, absolutely no pets are allowed in the residence halls except those pre-approved to live in The Pet Wings or Dog Floor. These animals must be registered with the Residence Hall Director prior to their arrival on campus.

Students living in The Pet Wings or Dog Floor must realize that having a pet is a privilege and associated with it are certain responsibilities which follow:

  1. All roommates must be in total agreement to allow a pet in their room.
  2. All waste associated with the pet must be deposited directly in the dumpster by the loading dock. At no time is it to be placed in the trash receptacle in the residence hall.
  3. Any messes created by the pet must be attended to immediately by the caretaker.
  4. The caretaker is totally responsible for any damages caused by the pet, i.e., soiled carpets.
  5. Abuse of this privilege may result in its loss, confiscation of the pet, and/or suspension from College housing.
  6. Students living in The Pet Wings or Dog Floor should reference their animal contracts for more specific requirements.
  7. No birds, dogs, snakes or spiders will be allowed in The Pet Wings. All other pets will be approved or denied on an individual basis by the Residence Hall Director.

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