30.5.0 Chaperone Policy

Last Update:

All student trips outside St. Lawrence County conducted by SGA-chartered clubs/organizations or by groups affiliated with other College departments must have chaperones accompany them on the trip. Chaperones must be SUNY Canton employees. Resident Assistants, work-study or other student workers will not be considered “SUNY Canton Employees” for this purpose. Any exceptions to this policy may be made by the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students in consultation with the appropriate department. The purpose of the chaperone is to ensure student safety and adherence to the stated purpose of the trip. The trip is considered a College function, therefore, covered by the SUNY Canton Code of Conduct. For non-academic trips, the club/organization advisor and the Director of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership will determine the desired number of required chaperones. For academic trips, the class instructor/advisor in conjunction with the School Dean will determine the appropriate number of chaperones. For athletic trips, the coach and/or Director of Athletics will determine the desired number of chaperones. 

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