30.10.0 Hazing

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SUNY Canton prohibits the taking of any action, creating, or participating in the creation of any situation that endangers mental or physical health, endangers safety, involves the forced consumption of alcohol or drugs, or destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership, in a group or organization. Individuals and/or organizations in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate disciplinary body of the College and may be subject to any applicable provision of the New York State Penal Law. Students who are present for, but do not report, the hazing of others, may be subject to disciplinary action under this policy as well. Any suspension/expulsion from the College due to hazing will result in a notation being placed on the student’s academic transcript, loss of all academic credits for the semester of violation, and liable for all the semester’s tuition and fees.

Due to the supportive and condoning role played by “audiences” or witnesses to hazing, the College will interpret a person’s presence during hazing (even if the person is a bystander and not directly-acting) as condoning the activities and therefore, participating. The College will hold such persons collectively responsible along with the directly-acting participants.

30.10.1 Anti-Hazing Pledge

SUNY Canton supports an anti-hazing pledge which is used with various students/student organizations/athletic teams, which reads:

I have read SUNY Canton’s Anti-Hazing policy, have received a copy of it to keep, and am aware of the repercussions for participating in hazing. Further, I understand the sanctions for hazing incidents on campus and understand that if I am found responsible for participating in, condoning, or otherwise creating an environment where hazing is performed or tolerated, I risk being suspended or expelled from SUNY Canton and/or my organization losing recognition with the College for a period of three years.

More importantly, I do not accept hazing.  This is not what I stand for, and not what my organization stands for. My signature below indicates that I will not participate in hazing, nor condone it, nor allow it to happen in my organization. I will report hazing incidents if I become aware of them, and will support the college’s Anti-Hazing policy.  I stand up against hazing.

In signing below, I am committing myself to this pledge, and understand the repercussions of violating this pledge and the Anti-Hazing policy.

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