30.18 Weapon Registration

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The following is the procedure for registering a firearm. All students and employees must comply with these procedures or face possible criminal action and/or disciplinary action by the College. Before the firearm is brought to the campus, the individual must supply the University Police Department with the following information about the firearm to be registered: make, serial number, caliber or gauge. If pre-registration is not possible, the firearm and ammunition must be taken directly to the University Police Department upon the individual’s arrival on campus. Ammunition must be stored with the firearm at the University Police Department. No firearm will be stored in or issued from the University Police Department without a locking device attached to the trigger mechanism. No rifle, shotgun, firearm, or other weapon will be allowed to be possessed on campus except for the purpose of transporting said firearm directly to and from the University Police Department. Any deviation from this procedure may result in arrest and/or administrative and disciplinary action by the College pursuant to the New York State Penal Law Chapter 341, Section 265.01, subdivision 3 which reads, “He knowingly has in his possession a rifle, shotgun or firearm in or upon a building or the grounds used for educational purposes of any school, college or university without the written authorization of such educational institution is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.”

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