40.1.0 Breastfeeding Support Policy

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At SUNY Canton, we are committed to supporting the health and well-being of our employees and students, including those who are breastfeeding. This policy aims to ensure that employees and students who choose to breastfeed have the necessary accommodations and support to continue breastfeeding their infants. The College will provide:

  1. Private Lactation Area: SUNY Canton will provide a dedicated, private space for breastfeeding or expressing milk that is shielded from view and free from intrusion by others. The lactation area is equipped with a comfortable chair, a table/surface for breast pump setup, and access to an electrical outlet. A sink for handwashing and a refrigerator for storing expressed milk are also available in this space.
  2. Reasonable Breaks (Employees): Employees will be allowed reasonable breaks during their workday to breastfeed or express milk. The frequency and duration of breaks may vary depending on individual needs, but they should be provided in a manner that does not unduly disrupt the employee's workflow.
  3. Flexibility: Whenever possible, SUNY Canton will strive to provide flexible work arrangements or adjust work schedules to accommodate employees' breastfeeding needs, while considering operational requirements. Faculty and staff will work to support student breastfeeding needs and will provide flexibility where possible.

All SUNY Canton employees are required to comply with this policy and the parameters within it. Retaliation against any employee or student who exercises their rights under this policy or assists others in doing so is strictly prohibited. Any incidents of retaliation should be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department (employees) or the Title IX Coordinator (students).


  1. Employees or students wishing to access the Lactation Space are required to submit a Lactation Space request form
  2. Request forms will go to the Title IX Coordinator for review.
  3. The Title IX Coordinator will directly contact the employee/student regarding their request and the rules for the use of the space.
  4. Any questions regarding breastfeeding/lactation needs should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator at title9@canton.edu or 315-386-7050.

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