40.5.0 Computer & Network Use Policy

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Access to modern information technology is essential to the State University of New York with educational services of the highest quality. The pursuit and achievement of the SUNY Canton mission of education, research, and public service require that the privilege of the use of computing systems and software, internal and external data networks, as well as access to the internet, be made available to everyone in the SUNY community. The preservation of that privilege for the full community requires that each faculty member, staff member, student, and other authorized user comply with institutional and external standards for appropriate use.

This policy applies to all SUNY Canton computing and network resources, including host computer systems, SUNY Canton sponsored computers and workstations, software, data sets, and communications networks controlled, administered or accessed directly or indirectly by SUNY Canton computer resources or services, employees, or students.

Violators of this policy will be subject to the existing student or employee disciplinary procedures of SUNY Canton. Sanctions may include the loss of computing privileges. Illegal acts involving SUNY Canton computing resources may also subject users to prosecution by state and federal authorities.

E-mail accounts are provided to currently registered students and are used for all college-related communication.

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