40.9.0 Identification Card

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Your SUNY Canton Identification (ID) card is your official identification as a SUNY Canton student. You will use your card to access your meal plan, ROO Express, Campus Cash, and residence hall. You will also use it to access the library, student activities, and fitness center. The card must be surrendered upon request of any member of the College Staff. The ID is not to be loaned or used by anyone other than the proper owner. Lost cards should be reported on the GET MOBILE app. Replacement cards can be purchased at “The Window” at the Student Mailroom or by calling (315)386-7506. Stolen cards should be reported to University Police. For more information visit the College Association ID Card webpage.

40.9.1 Identification Card Replacement Charge

An original identification card is provided at no charge. A $20 replacement fee will be charged for all lost or damaged ID cards.

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