40.13.0 Safety Committee

Last Update:

The SUNY Canton Safety Committee was established to address a wide range of campus concerns which contribute to maintaining an overall safe environment conducive to living and working together. The Committee’s charge includes:

  • Addressing a wide range of campus safety concerns including responding to inquiries from concerned persons and referring complaints to the appropriate authorities;

  • Ensuring that education is provided to the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention;

  • Recognizing, evaluating and recommending a course of action to solve or control safety/health problems.

  • Identifying and recommending strategies for the prevention of sexual harassment/sexual assault incidents, including outreach and educational activities. The Committee’s recommendations will be provided to the campus for implementation.

Campus health and safety concerns can be reported through the online Safety and Health Inquiry Report. This form is also available from University Police and Human Resources. 

For more specific information regarding the Campus Safety Committee, please refer to the Safety Committee webpage at or contact the Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator at ehsreports@canton.edu or 315-386-7631.

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