50.1.0 Costs 2023-2024

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Comprehensive Student Fee: The Comprehensive Student Fee is charged to all degree students and consists of the following fees:

College Fee (mandatory) — required by all State-operated campuses (also non-degree)

Athletic Fee (mandatory) — supports all intercollegiate athletic programs

Health Fee (mandatory) — supports the campus health center.  Students can use the health center for minor illnesses/injuries with no additional charge

Technology Fee (mandatory) — supports the campus technology infrastructure and continued improvement of computer systems, classroom technology, wireless connections and technical help (also non-degree)

Student Activity Fee (mandatory) — supports a wide range of activities that take place on campus for educational and entertainment purposes

Transcript Fee (mandatory) - Covers cost of all transcript requests for the student now and in the future

Alumni Fee (optional)— supports the College Alumni Association.  Alumni services include: scholarships, gatherings, alumni weekend and the alumni newsletter (instructions for waiver of the fee can be found on the College billing instructions)

Fitness Fee (optional)— provides unlimited use of the campus recreational facilities   (instructions for waiver of the fee can be found on the College billing instructions)

50.1.1 Full-Time Student Costs

To see the current academic year student costs, please see the Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees webpage.

50.1.2 Part-Time Student Costs (Up to 11 1/2 Credit Hours)

To see the current academic year student costs, please see the Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees webpage.

50.1.3 Late Payment Fee

Should a student fail to process their bill by the bill due date, a $40.00 late payment fee will be assessed.

50.1.4 Returned Check Charge

A service charge will be levied not to exceed the face value of the dishonored check or $20.00, whichever is less, for each check returned unpaid by the bank against which it is drawn.

50.1.5 Bill Payment

A student’s bill is required to be processed by the bill due date which is shown on the tuition bill. Payment arrangements made after these dates will be subject to a $40 late payment fee and loss of prescheduled classes. If a student wishes to request a hardship deferment for payment, they need to make arrangements with the Student Service Center BEFORE the bill due date. All deferments must be paid in full by the end of the semester for which it was made. Students not meeting the terms of their deferment may be subject to penalty during the semester. Penalties include a hold being placed on a student's account and the subsequent withholding of enrollment, grades, diplomas, class selection, and possible suspension. Balances remaining at the end of the semester are subject to referral to the New York State Attorney General or a collection agency.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds for those students who have a credit on their account will begin with the fourth week after school begins. SUNY Canton delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information: https://disbursements.bmtx.com/refundchoices/.

50.1.6 Domestic Health Insurance

SUNY Canton has a mandatory health insurance requirement. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the insurance program available through the College. If the student is already covered by another plan, the student may waive the health insurance fee by logging into their UCanWeb account and clicking on the waiver link. The student must provide proof of other coverage by filling in the waiver form with their other coverage information – insurance carrier, plan number, etc. Once the waiver is approved, the health insurance fee will be credited on the student’s account. The student must waive coverage every semester they are enrolled as a full-time student. If the health insurance is waived for the fall semester and the student enrolls full-time for the spring semester, they must log in and waive coverage for the spring.

Part-time students may also purchase the student insurance, but it must be added to their College bill separately.  Part-time students who want the health insurance coverage must put in writing their request for coverage. The insurance fee will be assessed on their bill and they must pay the insurance fee in full before coverage can be activated. Part-time students must follow this process each semester. The coverage periods are separate for the fall and spring terms.  Fall coverage runs from August 15th through January 14th.  Spring coverage runs from January 15th through August 14th.

International students attending the State University of New York are required to purchase the International Student Insurance.  The plan utilizes the Health Center as the primary care provider, meaning that students are to use the Health Center first whenever possible to avoid large deductible charges.

50.1.7 RSVP to Commencement Late Fee

After the RSVP to Commencement deadline deadline (date listed each year on the academic calendar), a late fee of $20 will be imposed on students wishing to attend the Commencement ceremony.  Please note:  This late fee is only for students wishing to participate in the Commencement ceremony and who have missed the Apply to Graduate deadline.  This does not apply to students only receiving their diploma.

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