TRiO Student Testimonials


When I first applied, I was scared, nervous and excited. Brenda was the first person who told me that I could do it!  She helped me make a time-management schedule, and helped me tremendously with Chemistry. Bruce Hanson helped me get an A for midterms. Without the help of the TRiO Staff I don’t think I could have done as good as I am doing right now.


I believe students who come to TRiO will have a great understanding of what college life is like.  With the help of Ms. Miller, I was able to manage my time. Mr. Hanson was able to support me and help ease my test-taking anxiety.


I have used tutoring for many courses. The Biology and Algebra tutoring with Mr. Hanson has helped me prepare for exams in both classes and even final exams, while assisting me with proper techniques to complete my homework. I have an A in Chemistry due to Ms. Miller’s complete step-by-step tutoring.


Ms. Miller provides students with great guidance and counseling, making students feel confident in the decisions they make. TRiO is a place that I spend my time during school hours when I do not have class. I have received Biology and Math tutoring from Mr. Hanson. I’m very grateful for these wonderful people and how much they have helped me be a better person.

TRiO Student Support Services
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