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Esports Management, B.B.A.

SUNY Canton’s newest bachelor’s Degree in Esports Management prepares students to enter the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. The relatively new market is expected to generate close to $1.8 billion in revenue by 2022.

Esports Management can be taken on-campus or online, will combine components of the college’s popular Game Design and Development program with fundamental skills from the School of Business and Liberal Arts’ management majors.

Alec Knowles prepares to broadcast a live match during Extreme Connect

Students will take courses in:

  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Media studies
  • Business law
  • Game design
  • Esports event management

Students will be expected to complete an internship or capstone project during their final semester.

A female gamer plays Overwatch in the eSports Arena

The Esports Management program is ideal for SUNY Canton because it will mesh well with already existing programs at the college. It fits with SUNY Canton’s technology mission, and it fits with SUNY Canton’s commitment to career preparation. As an interdisciplinary major, it combines components of the college’s Game Design and Development program with the strengths of its many business and management programs to provide a degree that is only available at a handful of universities in the U.S.

- Nicholas Kocher
Business Lecturer

Graduates of the Esports Management program will be able to pursue positions in public relations, Esports marketing and promotion, tournament directors, collegiate Esports coaches and directors, events management, sales, facilities management, game day operations, and general Esports administration.

Donjei Bethea of the Bronx plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the SUNY Canton Esports Arena.

SUNY Canton is home to the first varsity esports team in the State University of New York System. Students play in the college’s $500,000 eSports arena, which was designed after a professional gaming space and includes a streaming station for collegiate matches.

Program Description

Business Department Director
William Myers
Associate Professor
MacArthur Hall 514