SUNY Canton Celebrates Employees’ Milestone Anniversaries


SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran, the College Council, Canton College Foundation Board, and Alumni Association are recognizing college employees for their dedication.

“I am exceptionally proud of the commitment our employees make to the college and our students,” said Szafran. “Their daily work, especially in these challenging times, helps make SUNY Canton and our broader community a better place, and I thank them.”

Among the milestone anniversaries celebrated during 2020 were:

40 Years of Service

  • Robin I. Gittings, Instructional Support Technician, Veterinary Science Technology
  • Claire M. Medve, Professor, Mathematics

35 Years of Service

  • Paul D. Hitchman, Instructional Support Associate, Canino School of Engineering Technology

30 Years of Service

  • Daniel G. Fay, Canton College Foundation Board of Directors

 25 Years of Service

  • Christine M. Brassard, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Nicole A. Heldt, Professor, Chemistry
  • Linda C. Law, Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Grace E. Vesper, Canton College Foundation Board of Directors

20 Years of Service

  • Rebecca L. Blackmon, Administrative Assistant 1, Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Timothy F. Davey, Adjunct Instructor, Computer Information Systems
  • Nadine N. Jennings, Professor, Humanities
  • Sylvia M. Kingston, Canton College Foundation Board of Directors
  • Linda M. LaParr, Administrative Assistant, Small Business Development Center
  • Matthew G. Metcalf, Lecturer, Sports Management
  • Christine Scuderi, Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics
  • Kimberly A. Vice, Financial Aid Assistant, One Hop Shop Student Service Center
  • Helen M. Wilson, Office Assistant 2, Physical Plant

19 Years of Service (Special Recognition)

  • Fangjun Li, Adjunct Instructor, Social Sciences

15 Years of Service

  • Susan E. Buckley, Associate Professor of Practice, Criminal Justice
  • Neil A. Haney, Instructional Support Technician, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Patrick G. Hanss, Director of Maintenance and Operations, Physical Plant
  • Kellie S. Harris, Administrative Assistant 2, School of Science, Health and Criminal Justice
  • Feng Hong, Associate Professor, Physics
  • Lashawanda T. Ingram, Co-Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Diversity and Orientation, Student Affairs
  • Deborah R. Keith, Office Assistant 2, Business Office
  • Gregory E. Kie, Senior Media Relations Manager, Public Relations
  • Peggy A. Lafrance, Professor, Nursing
  • Richard E. McAdam, Instructional Support Associate, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Elizabeth M. Madlin, Administrative Assistant 1, Admissions
  • Edouard B. Mafoua, Professor, Economics
  • Bryan M. O'Connor, Facilities Assistant, Athletics
  • Randy B. Sieminski, Director, Athletics
  • Anthony T. Signorelli, Associate Professor, Health Services Management
  • Janel L. Smith, Institutional Research Assistant, Institutional Research
  • Christopher J. Sweeney, Professor, Graphics & Multimedia Design
  • Alex J. Todd, Line Cook, College Association
  • Carl W. Trainor, Canton College Foundation Board Member
  • Michaela J. Young, Executive Assistant to the President, President’s Office

10 Years of Service

  • Timothy J. Abel, Adjunct Instructor, Social Sciences
  • Amanda L. Deckert, Senior Human Resources Representative, Human Resources
  • Shannon E. Drowne, Adjunct Instructor, Graphics and Multimedia Design
  • Arthur S. Garno, Director, Career Ready Education and Success Training Center
  • Jody P. Johnston, Assistant Men’s Baseball Coach, Athletics
  • Johanna M. Lee, Director, Tutoring Services
  • Teri M. Lord, Cook, College Association
  • Melissa L. Manchester, Writing Center Coordinator, Tutoring Services
  • Brenda L. Mullaney, Administrative Assistant 1, Residence Life
  • Mathew C. Nichols, Instructional Technologist, Online Learning
  • Kelly C. Obermayer, Alumni Association Board Member
  • Anne L. Reilly, Instructional Support Associate, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
  • Stanley P. Skowronek, Lecturer, HVAC
  • Andrea L. Stagnari, Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
  • Sharon E. Tavernier, Director of Advising and First Year Programs, Ready Center
  • Nichole L. Todd, Office Clerk, College Association
  • Michele E. Warnock, Production Cook, College Association
  • Gaylynn J. Welch, Adjunct Instructor, History
  • Yuliya Yarmolenko-Nixon, Adjunct Instructor, Humanities

5 Years of Service

  • Penny L. Ames, Office Assistant 1, Storehouse
  • Alexander G. Boak, Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach, Athletics
  • Gwen E. Bradley, Cleaner, Physical Plant
  • Sean Conklin, Retail and Catering Manager, College Association
  • Derek L. Converse, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, Physical Plant
  • Joshua J. Crawford, Plant Utilities Engineer 1, Physical Plant
  • Ryan F. Dean, Janitor, Physical Plant
  • Debbie M. Flack, Administrative Assistant 1, Career Services
  • Jennie H. Flanagan, Lecturer, Health Services Management
  • Major General Fergal I. Foley, Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Nichole M. Fullerton, Catering and Dining Associate, College Association
  • Alainya K. Kavaloski, Associate Professor, Humanities
  • Nicholas E. Ladd, Lecturer, Veterinary Science Technology
  • Rose Lucidi, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Athletics
  • Christopher M. Mayville, Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Edward J. Murphy, Programmer Analyst, Information Services
  • Joellen Oshier, Administrative Assistant 1, EOP
  • Vicki E. Perrine, Adjunct Instructor, Health Services Management
  • Darrin S. Pitkin, Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
  • Allison M. Rouselle, Cleaner, Physical Plant
  • Lindalee Sawyer, Alumni Association Board Member
  • Yilei Shi, Assistant Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering Technology
  • Jennifer L. Sovde, Assistant Professor, History
  • Justin C. Spaulding, Instructor, Criminal Justice
  • Karen M. St. Hilaire, Assistant Lecturer, Business
  • Brian C. TeRiele, Project Site Representative, Facilities Management
  • Tyler C. Thomas, Officer 1, University Police
  • Ginger S. Thomas, Adjunct Instructor, Early Childhood
  • Paul E. Todd, Lecturer, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Geoffrey C.S. VanderWoude, Director of Planned Giving, College Foundation
  • Barat J. Wolfe, Associate Professor, Applied Psychology
  • Jordan R. Woodside, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing

Those who retired in the past year include:

  • Gerald Burkum, Plant Utilities Engineer 1, Physical Plant
  • Peter C. Burt, Trades Specialist, Physical Plant
  • Dawn Fremont, Instructor, Dental Hygiene
  • Daniel Miller, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Michael O'Connor, Associate Professor, Emergency Management
  • Michael Pinkerton, Lecturer, Nursing
  • Pamela Quinn, Professor, Dental Hygiene
  • Eugene Schiavone, Janitor, Physical Plant
  • John Sheltra, Adjunct Instructor, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Anne Sibley, Vice President, Advancement
  • Mark Watson, Plant Utilities Engineer 1, Physical Plant
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