Recent Internship Sites

Are you getting ready to interview for your internship or for a career in your field? You should check out the list of Potential Criminal Investigation Interview Questions created by working professionals in the law enforcement field.

New York

  • Albany Police Department
  • Buffalo City Police
  • Center for Forensic Science, Syracuse, New York
  • Clinton County Sheriff's Department
  • Franklin County District Attorney's Office
  • Malone Police Department
  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • New York City Police Department (NYPD)
  • New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center, Albany, NY
  • Oneida County District Attorney's Office
  • Oneida County Sheriff's Department
  • Onondaga County District Attorney's Office
  • Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office
  • Paul Smith's College
  • Rochester Police Department
  • St. Lawrence County District Attorney's Office
  • St. Lawrence Health System
  • Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office
  • Syracuse Police Department
  • Watertown City School District


  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Conyers Police Department


  • Fingerprint Identification Section, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Volusia County Sheriff's Office


  • Illinois State Police


  • Regional Forensic Center, Wichita, Kansas


  • Shreveport Police Department


  • Montgomery County Police Department

New Jersey

  • GAF (North America's largest roofing manufacturer)

North Carolina

  • Mecklenberg Police Department


  • San Antonio Police Department

Washington, DC

  • Interpol Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • United States Attorney General's Office


  • International War Crime Tribunal in Kosovo
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police